Wednesday, September 11, 2013

SUPPORT from friends - makes the heart smile!

"I think your painting a day is so amazing! You are so talented, love them all!" - from M.H.

"Can you extend the 30 day challenge to, well, FOREVER!!?? :)  I am really enjoying your art and your commentary. Great way to start my days and put a smile on my face. (Especially as I wear this Patriots tie today) :)" - From J.J.

Two of the best messages I received today! Love the support! Love the positive! Love my friends! My quest & journey is to fill my world & everyone elses with lots of color, happy & love! And Passion because ART is my passion! Glad I can put a smile on faces & make this world as beautiful as I can!

Peace, love, happiness! Cheers friends!

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