Friday, September 6, 2013

Busting Butt

This 30 Day Challenge has me busting butt! I not only have a regular full time job but every other "chore" others have. I have lost sleep & my brain continues to create while I sleep. I wake with continuous ideas that need to be put on paper with paint!  It was like that before the challenge but less demanding..... but when I commit to a challenge...I put my whole heart into it. It's like when I ride my road bike, if I do 10 miles one day, the next I have to beat my miles, same for the next. You will not succeed & get better at what you do if you do not push your limits. To all my friends...set goals, go above & beyond, push yourself & be the best you can at whatever it is you do! Hard work pays off! Stay tuned for my next paintings! I have 24 paintings to post! Go ME! Thank you for following me on this journey!! Feel free to share with your friends  & please leave comments!

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Make it a great day! Cheers Friends!!!

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