Monday, September 30, 2013

"BRIGHT EYES" - Day 30 of the 30 Day Challenge

Meet BRIGHT EYES! I had the opportunity to tour an Alpaca Farm in Unity, ME. called Northern Solstice Alpaca Farm and this cute female Alpaca was so curious. Most of the others were being very shy but this one kept looking at me. I snapped a picture that I absolutely adore! Love the long eyelashes and her expression - hence the name Bright Eyes.I spent a couple of hours touring their facility and learned a lot about Alpaca's that I did not know and also left wanting an Alpaca Farm!

 I hope you all enjoyed this 30 Day Painting Journey as much as I did. I am going to continue to paint and create but most likely not quite everyday! It has been so nice getting to know other artists and their styles by checking out their blogs and their art. 

12" x 16" paper, White border around the main image that is 10" x 14", Watercolor painted on 300lbCP Kilimanjaro paper

Make everyday a great day! Cheers!
                 This is the reference photo I took to use to paint from - Just look at that face!

                            Thank you for your support and interest in my passion, my art!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

"PERFECTLY LONELY" - Day 29 of 30 Day Challenge

Today's painting is a little more simple. After the fall here in Maine, the trees are stark, naked. I think they are as beautiful without their leaves as with. I called this Perfectly Lonely because I feel it reflects my personality in some ways. Some days I am perfectly content with being alone as it gives me time to do what makes me whole - like painting. It's my meditation, relaxation. I don't feel the need to be needy. I am comfortable being me.  A tree without it's leaves I think is just as happy and grand and beautiful!  Make it a great day! Cheers!

Watercolor, 5" x 7" on 300lbHP Arches paper.

Be sure to check back tomorrow, as it is the last painting of the 30 Day. I am working on a larger painting and I think it will make you smile as much as me! I can't wait to share it!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Maine Maple Leaf - Day 28 of 30 Day Challenge

Wow! Day 28 and I can't resist painting more leaves because they are in abundance here in Maine and so gorgeous this time of year! I love fall! I picked this Maple Leaf as my inspiration. Love red & green together!

Watercolor Painted on 300lbCP Kilimanjaro paper. It's splattered with a little Pearl Gold Gouache too. 

Thank you for following me on this painting journey! Make it a great day everyday! Cheers!

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This was a picture I took as I was painting it. I always forget to do that!

Friday, September 27, 2013

"SMILE" (Winter is coming!) - Day 27 of 30 Day Challenge

 I think this is keeping it Maine! I know I am up for making  a snowman when that first sticky snow falls! Love the seasons here! I think this will be a nice Christmas/Holiday Card this year! Instead of snow falling around the snowman, I opted for flowers because they are also something I love! It's a bit more whimsy & fun!

Watercolor, painted on 300lbCP Kilimanjaro paper. Cheers! Make it a great day!!

         This is me and my friend....I wasn't lying when I said I like to make a cute snowman!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

10 x 10 Arts Are Elementary Event, Friday September 27th 5-8pm

 I will be at the Curtis Memorial Library, 23 Pleasant Street, Brunswick, ME.  in the  (Morrell Meeting Room)

All artwork is 10” x 10” and is framed and ready to hang. The $200 price for each piece is shared equally between the artist and Arts Are Elementary, a non-profit organization that provides artist-in-residence programs for all elementary school students in Brunswick.  To see images of all artwork and for more information, visit the 10 X 10 website:

Exhibit details
Curtis Memorial Library (Morrell Meeting Room) 
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church (Parrish Hall)

Thursday, September 26 from 5-8 pm
Friday, September 27 from noon to 3 pm

Event, sale and reception:
Friday, September 27;  5-8 pm

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"PITCHER PLANT" - Day 26 of 30 Day Challenge

It was so exciting to see the "Candy Striped" light house at West Quoddy but then the hike in to the Arctic Bog was even more amazing. Hiking in it seems normal, trees, moss, rocks, the usual. Then you happen upon a clearing and a total different world.  These neat little Pitcher plants were everywhere! Some new growth & others brown and old, dying, dried up. These Pitcher Plants are carnivorous! Like all carnivorous plants, they grow in locations where the soil is too poor in minerals and/or too acidic for most plants to survive. I think I 'd like a Pitcher Plant garden, they are just so neat with great color! 
It's been hard keeping this painting challenge geared about Maine. If you get a change to visit Lubec, ME.'s worth the trek to the Arctic Bog to see this really neat wonder!

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This is a 5" x 7" Watercolor on 300lbCP Kilimanjaro paper
there is a great 1 mile hike to a unique coastal plateau bog. In this bog, you will notice sub-arctic and arctic plants that rarely seen this far south, like black crowberry, baked appleberry and Labrador tea, along with carnivorous plants such as pitcher plants and sundew. - See more at:
there is a great 1 mile hike to a unique coastal plateau bog. In this bog, you will notice sub-arctic and arctic plants that rarely seen this far south, like black crowberry, baked appleberry and Labrador tea, along with carnivorous plants such as pitcher plants and sundew. - See more at:
there is a great 1 mile hike to a unique coastal plateau bog. In this bog, you will notice sub-arctic and arctic plants that rarely seen this far south, like black crowberry, baked appleberry and Labrador tea, along with carnivorous plants such as pitcher plants and sundew. - See more at:

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"BITTERSWEET" - Day 25 of 30 Day Challenge

It is "BITTERSWEET" that as much as I have enjoyed (& a few times stressed)  this painting challenge is coming to an end soon. I painted this Bittersweet because it's another plant found here that is interesting. I love the berries and the colors. It was also something different to paint along with using colors I don't typically use. These berries on their vines are used for decorative purposes.These fruits are poisonous to humans when ingested internally, but are favorites of birds. So don't ever try to eat them!

5" x 7" 140lbCP Kilimanjaro paper. 

Make it a great day!


Monday, September 23, 2013

"SHOWY LADY'S-SLIPPER" - Day 24 of 30 Day Challenge

"This is Maine's largest lady's-slipper. The plant has become increasingly rare due to over collecting and habitat reduction. It has a tall, leafy stem that bears 1-2 white-petaled flowers with a brilliant pink pouch, blooming in late June and into July. It is found in constantly moist habitats, including cedar swamps and cedar glades. It prefers a pH near neutral and some sunlight. The plant's hairs along the stem and leaves may cause a rash on the skin similar to that of poison ivy."  as per
Reference Photo courtesy of

This is 5" x 7" painted on Arches 300lbHP paper.

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Make everyday a great day!


Sunday, September 22, 2013

"KATAHDIN" Baxter State Park, Maine : Day 23 of 30 Day Challenge

"KATAHDIN" The adventure of climbing Katahdin was on my bucket list and in October of 2011 it got crossed off! This was the most challenging & rewarding things I have ever done. 11 hours of hiking in one day. I would not trade one minute of it for anything! The overwhelming soreness for a week was well worth it! Not only did I go to the top and back down, I did it with the best group of friends: Jess (my sister), Wendy, Diane, Renee & Carrie. GIRLS RULE!!! After I was done, I said "I don't feel the need to ever to that again (because of the pain)" but now I WANT to do it again. We had the most perfect weather and the views are spectacular! Next time, it's a two day trip! This is a painting as a reminder to me how grand the mountain is. Maine...the way life should be! I will probably keep tweaking this painting but for the moment it will stay this way.  If you get a chance while visiting Maine to experience this beautiful place, you won't regret it!
                          These are a few pictures from the day of our hike. Absolutely beautiful!
                                                            YES! I made it to the top!
                                       The girls, not far from Chimney Pond at a view point
                                                              Almost to the top, Gorgeous views!

                                                        Chimney Pond, on our way up!

Make it a great day! Cheers! Thank you for visiting my blog & reading my story about my Katahdin experience!

"COZY COVE" Salmon Lake, Belgrade, ME. - Day 22 of 30 Day Challenge

"COZY COVE", Salmon Lake, Belgrade, Maine is where I spend a lot of my time and days. It's a nice place to sit and reflect. A great place to grab my paint brushes and create. My interpretation of the cove this fall. Make it a great day! Thank you for stopping by my blog! On to the next painting!

5" x 7" Watercolor, painted on Kilimanjaro  140lbCP

Saturday, September 21, 2013

"BLUE SPRUCE" - Day 21 of 30 Day Challenge

The Blue Spruce is one of my favorite trees. I love all the blues, greens, grays & variations in the colors. They look different depending on the lighting too. They stand tall and strong. "The Russian meaning of Spruce is "fine, smart". Spruce is a gentle messenger and friend. It amplifies healing on all levels, and it is calming to the emotions. It is a gentle awakener of the dynamic feminine intuition. It is an excellent tree staff to work with for any disorientation or lack of direction." (Spirit Lodge)

 The Native Amercian culture has many meanings  
"Native American Symbolism: Spruce trees are mythologically important plants among Southwestern tribes, where they are symbols of the sky and directional guardians of the north. According to Hopi myth, the spruce tree was once a medicine man, Salavi, who transformed himself into a tree. For this reason, spruce trees are considered particularly sacred to the Hopis, who use spruce boughs to adorn kachina dancers. In the Pima flood myth, the father and mother of the Pima people survived the deluge by floating in a ball of spruce pitch. Among northern tribes, spruce trees (like other evergreens) are associated with peace and protection. Spruce is a particular symbol of good luck to the Salish tribes, and spruce roots are used as fiber for weaving basketry regalia by many Northwest Coast tribes. Northern Algonquian tribes used to bundle spruce and fir needles into sachets or herbal pillows to protect against illness" (Plant Symbolism )

I painted this on  a 4" x 6" 140lb CP watercolor paper (not sure of brand, it came in a variety pack from Cheap Joe's)

As always, Make it a great day! Cheers!  

Thursday, September 19, 2013

"West Quoddy HIke" - Day 20 of 30 Day Challenge

One of my favorite vacation spots is the Bold Coast of Eastern Maine where  the ocean meets land and it is just beautiful, pristine, virgin. This painting was inspired by a photo I took while hiking the trail from the West Quoddy Light House. Spectacular views, fresh air, beautiful blue sky and perfect ocean. LOVE! This is my interpretation of the above reference photo from my hike with my best friend! I can't wait to book another vacation in the same area. I highly recommend it! Maine is just beautiful!
 Cheers! Make it a great day! Thank you for stopping by!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"PINE CONE" - Day 19 of 30 Day Challenge

If you have Pine Trees you have Pine cones, Pine Cones = Pine Tree State to those of us that live in Maine. However, with some research (because I am a spiritual person and everything has a spiritual meaning).  "The Pine cone resembles the Pineal Gland and the Pineal Gland is known as the "third eye","dream center" and "mystic seed". The Pineal Gland is an integral the production of melatonin which regulates the natural rhythms of sleep according to our environment. The pine cone, like the pineal gland, is extremely affected by Light, and takes action according to what it senses.  Cones will open themselves up to the sun’s rays, and close up during cloudy or stormy days"
"Mystics have also suspected the pineal gland is a receptor of Spiritual Light too – with the ability to open up to mystical awareness upon the presence of an ascended master and during periods of enlightened consciousness.
So what’s this got to do with the pine cone?
I find it fascinating that not only do the pine cone and pineal gland share similarities in appearance, but they are also both keenly affected by Light
The pine cone, like the pineal gland, is extremely affected by Light, and takes action according to what it senses.  Cones will open themselves up to the sun’s rays, and close up during cloudy or stormy days.  It has to do with continuation of the seed-line.  Sunny days offer more arid conditions and the tiny seedlings nestled in the scales of the pine cone can become airborne more easily.  Damp or rainy days are crumby conditions for seed spreading, so the pine cone just closes up shop during these weather conditions."  (see link for more info)

All of these characteristics can be compared to how we as humans operate. Did you think you would ever be compared to a Pine Cone or have similar characteristics? You should stop and think about everything around us and how many things you can compare yourself, your personality or your behavior to. Think about that...research it. Everything has meaning.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"The CHANGE" - Day 18 of the 30 Day Challenge

Fall is upon us here in the beautiful State of Maine! The leaves are starting to change color and before we know it they will be vibrant and bold! As fast as the leaves change, they Fall.  If you have not visited Maine - put it on your bucket list! You won't regret it!

Original Watercolor painted on 300lbCP Kilimanjaro paper. Paper size: 7 1/2" x 11". Image area (has white border of the paper that is not painted) 6" x 9 1/2"

Make it a great day! Cheers!! This is available for purchase on my ETSY shop:

Monday, September 16, 2013

"AUTUMN MORNING" - Day 17 of 30 Day Challenge

Autumn is fast approaching here in Maine. Cooler mornings, more mist on the lake, cooler evenings and it's getting darker earlier. I love Fall! Love the colors, love the change and love that I can switch out my clothes with the changing seasons.  This painting was inspired by my lakeside living. Every morning when I wake I can see the trees that line the lake shoreline, the sun rises and shines a beautiful glow through the trees. I didn't add the lake to this one but I did take some photos of what I intend on painting soon with the lake in the background.

Watercolor Painted on 300lbHP Arches  5" x 7" Paper. Image area: 5 7/8" x 3 7/8" Comes in a  Frame that is  White wash wood with white/cream mat totaling 6 1/2" x 8 7/8" See photo below

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Make it a great day! Cheers!

CHICK-A-DEE-DEE-DEE : Day 16 of 30 Day Challenge

Chick-a-dee-dee-dee.....I was up early Saturday morning, outside waiting for my dog to do her business and cute little chickadees were staring at me, talking to me and fluttering around limb to limb like they do ever so swiftly.  I just love to watch their curiosity and listen to their chatter. I have to say they have to be one of my favorite birds. So I decided I would paint one of these adorable little fellas (I know I already did one for this challenge but what the heck? You paint what you love right?) Back to something Maine - our State Bird.

Watercolor painted on 300LBCP Kilimanjaro paper. Paper size: 7 1/2" x 5 1/2". Image area: 6 3/4" x 4 5/8". 

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

"MINE MINE MINE" - Day 15 of 30 Day Challenge

So I go back to the Beach and those scavengers that like to steal everyone's food! I almost put a bag of Doritos or something in their mouths but I opted for a colorful Blue Swimmer Crab instead. Seagulls are so interesting to watch. They are an important part of our ecosystem, pretty good a cleaning up the trash people leave behind too!  I thought of painting this and it brought me back to the Finding Nemo movie - The only part I can remember is when all the Seagulls are saying "Mine...mine...Mine...mine......" Hence the title of this. This painting was fun to paint....Love that I have an imagination and don't always need a reference photo! My favorite Seagull of the 3 is the top left, he looks like he's looking at me.

Watercolor painted on 300lbCP Kilimanjaro paper. Paper size 15" x 15", Image area: 13" x 13"

Make it a great day!! Cheers!

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

"HARVEST" - Day 14 of 30 Day Challenge

Today's painting was done sitting outside under a green house canopy at Longfellow's Greenhouses in Manchester, ME.  with fellow artist Kellie Chasse and lots of flowers, Indian Corn & pumpkins!  Kellie and I have chatted several times on line, critiqued each others work, followed each others blogs and Facebook pages but had never met.  Now I shall call her my fellow artist and FRIEND! We chose to paint the same corn and pumpkin.  I love that our interpretation of what we both had in front of us came out so differently. Our styles are unique to us which I believe makes each artist special. It was a pleasure to share ideas, techniques and get to learn more about each other. I believe I found a forever friend! We can't wait to meet again and paint more Plein Air! Next time her mom, Shelby Crouse may even join us. See their blog links below to see their great work!

Make it a great day, get out &  meet new people! Cheers friends!! 

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Kellie's work can be viewed at:
Shelby's work can be viewed at:

Friday, September 13, 2013

"INNER BEAUTY" - Day 13 of 30 Day Challenge

Inner Beauty is often times more admired than outer beauty. I think that is the same with people. Yesterday's painting was the beautiful blue exterior of a shell, this is the soft, gentle, warm colors of the interior. I loved painting this piece mostly because as I have said I love seashells! I enjoy the variety and differences in them, just like I do with the people I meet! Always be YOU, be KIND and you will always be BEAUTIFUL INSIDE & OUT!

 Original  6" x 8" Watercolor on 300lbCP Kilimanjaro paper.

Thank you for stopping by! Make it a great day! Cheers!
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Thursday, September 12, 2013

"OUTER BEAUTY" - Day 12 of 30 Day Challenge

This is a shell collected off the Maine Coast. I call this "Outer Beauty". It in fact had the best blue colors - those colors come back to life when you put your shells back in water while you are painting. Very beautiful! I could comb the beaches for hours and fill a garage bay full of seashells! I find it therapeutic and just a part of me. I am drawn to water; the lakes, ocean or even a mud puddle!  

This is a watercolor with a little pearl gouache to give a some shimmer. Painted on 300lbCP Kilimanjaro paper

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

SUPPORT from friends - makes the heart smile!

"I think your painting a day is so amazing! You are so talented, love them all!" - from M.H.

"Can you extend the 30 day challenge to, well, FOREVER!!?? :)  I am really enjoying your art and your commentary. Great way to start my days and put a smile on my face. (Especially as I wear this Patriots tie today) :)" - From J.J.

Two of the best messages I received today! Love the support! Love the positive! Love my friends! My quest & journey is to fill my world & everyone elses with lots of color, happy & love! And Passion because ART is my passion! Glad I can put a smile on faces & make this world as beautiful as I can!

Peace, love, happiness! Cheers friends!

"LIBERTY" - Day 11 of 30 Day Challenge - SOLD

I started this painting, had the sketch, knew I wanted to do a Red, White & Blue theme then looked at the calendar & it hit me! September 11th, a day that we will not forget - Patriot Day. Always Remember!  

I am from Maine & was trying to keep the Maine theme going with my 30 Day Challenge but wanted to add a twist. I love to be Patriotic, love the Patriots,  I love the colors Red & Blue & I LOVE to EAT LOBSTER! I decided it shall be titled "Liberty".

Take a minute today & remember those not with us anymore. Live each day to the fullest & remember to tell those close to you that you love them! Always remember, if you are having a bad day or clouds are hanging over your head, pick yourself up & think of all the things you have to be thankful for! There is someone else out there who is not as fortunate as yourself.

Make it a great day!  PEACE....not WAR!

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 This is a 12" x 16: Watercolor on 300lbCP Kilimanjaro paper

Prints & cards to be available soon.

Monday, September 9, 2013

"MY GIRL" - Day 10 of 30 Day Challenge

I can't wait and maybe it's because I know I could sleep a wee bit later than normal in the morning.  This little watercolor is of MY GIRL Barli. She is my KID! The story about Barli is.... I lost my first GSP to surgery to remove a brain tumor, at the time she was my light! I miss her dearly. Dropped her off in what was to be a high percentage of success surgery and it was not. Never got to see her face again. :( I found out a breeder may have a possible litter coming so I sent him a check for deposit (not knowing him at all) and a letter that I wanted an all Liver colored, Female GSP (German Shorthair Pointer). He received my check, not knowing if his "bitch" was actually pregnant, he called me & said I would get pick of the litter. Low and behold, only 1 all Liver female was born only a few minutes before my other GSP Niki's birthday! I truly believe my Niki sent my Barli! She has been my rock and my grounding through thick and thin! Barli is now "MY GIRL". As I write this, I cry. I would not trade her for the world! Her two favorite things to to do: Play ball & get the Squirrel (hence yesterday's inspiration) oh & a third would be cuddling with her mom in the morning! Love my Barli girl!

This Watercolor is not for sale..... it's personal :)

Much love, make it a great day! Cheers!

Reference Photo: I didn't add all the grass, etc. but all I need is Barli :)

"CAUGHT ME" - Day 9 of 30 Day Challenge

Did someone say SQUIRREL? Say that to my dog and she perks up and patrols the shoreline and the property. Two of her favorite things are Tennis Balls and Squirrels!  If she could climb a tree to get these little stinkers she would!  I think they know how to tease her. I love the expression on this little guys face. I think that's what he would look like if he was face to face with my dog. I also know that this is his expression while he looks in an office window at a friend of mine while he is trying to work. I don't think my friend gets much done when this furry friend is around! Thank you to my realtor friend for the reference photo!

Original watercolor painted on 300lbCP 6" x 8" Kilimanjaro paper.

Prints and Cards to be available soon.

Copyright Arica's Art.

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

"BELGRADE BLUE" - Day 8 of 30 Day Challenge

Have you ever tried fresh Maine Blueberries? My mom is a fanatic about her high bush blueberries! So we decided we would make FRESH HOMEMADE BLUEBERRY WINE! The inspiration for this painting came from the whole art of making our own wine. "Belgrade Blue" is the title she picked because she resides in the Belgrade Lakes, ME. area - so it was fitting! So, yes this is still a Maine themed painting.....On to the next! 

This is a watercolor with pearl gold gouache. 300lbCP Kilimanjaro paper 7" x 15". Image area: 5 1/2" x 13 1/2". Not for sale.

I've been trying to convince her she needs to market it but for now we just share with our friends and family! 



Saturday, September 7, 2013

"POTTS HARBOR HANGOUT" - Day 7 of 30 Day Challenge

This painting was inspired by a photo I took while out on the ocean with family last weekend. We were in Potts Harbor, off the Coast of Maine just hanging out in the boat and taking in the scenery and the beautiful day. The 3 Seagulls on a fishing boat had the same idea. I found it funny that they were still for a bit and instead of being their typical scavenger selves. I also loved the color of the boat against all the other colors of the background and water.

Potts Harbor Hangout is an Original Watercolor painted by me on 300lbCP Kilimanjaro 10" x 14" paper

Copyright Arica's Art

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Thank you!! Cheers!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Busting Butt

This 30 Day Challenge has me busting butt! I not only have a regular full time job but every other "chore" others have. I have lost sleep & my brain continues to create while I sleep. I wake with continuous ideas that need to be put on paper with paint!  It was like that before the challenge but less demanding..... but when I commit to a challenge...I put my whole heart into it. It's like when I ride my road bike, if I do 10 miles one day, the next I have to beat my miles, same for the next. You will not succeed & get better at what you do if you do not push your limits. To all my friends...set goals, go above & beyond, push yourself & be the best you can at whatever it is you do! Hard work pays off! Stay tuned for my next paintings! I have 24 paintings to post! Go ME! Thank you for following me on this journey!! Feel free to share with your friends  & please leave comments!

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Make it a great day! Cheers Friends!!!

"THREESOME" - Day 6 of 30 Day Challenge

These cute little Chickadees are my favorite to watch. They are so little, with a big personality! I used to stand as still as possible under a tree near a bird feeder & put food in my hand. They would land in the tree above me, check me out and swoop down, land on my fingers and grab some bird seed. They barely weigh anything and it was just neat to watch them figure out if they could trust me. I stood under that tree until one pooped on my head. It was a neat little experience. You should try it! And of of course this is the State of Maine bird!

This is an Original Watercolor, Paper size: 5 3/4" x 7 7/8". Painted on 300lbHP Arches paper. Ready for you to mat & frame.

Copyright Arica's Art

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Cheers! Make it a great day!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

"SNACK" - Day 5 of 30 Day Challenge

This painting came to me while I was a top the cliffs/rocks of Hermit Island, ME painting another little Island and taking in my surroundings. I noticed I was sitting amongst the area in which Seagulls have their "SNACKS" or meals. Lots of pieces of crabs, lobsters, urchins, shells. So how fitting to incorporate the view from above and a Seagull having its meal. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE the coast of Maine & all it's wonders? Well, get used to it! I am not done! 

I hope you all are enjoying my 30 Day Challenge as much as I am! Please feel free to visit me on Facebook at Arica's Art, my website or on ETSY to purchase this or some of my other pieces of art.  Art is my passion & I love to share it! Make it a great day!! Cheers!!

STRENGTH - Day 4 of 30 Day Challenge

A Mussel - strength, confidence, determination....Have you ever tried to open one of these? It's not easy. I love combing the beach & finding different treasures. I love the coast of Maine & all the colors that spark inspiration. I could paint several of these & not be bored! 

I believe this 30 Challenge will be filled with lots of things Maine! 

Watercolor with a little pearl shimmer, painted on 300lbHP Arches bright white paper. Paper size: 5 3/4" x 8"

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

10x10 Brunswick Arts are Elementary Exhibit

 I am proud to be a part of this event. Here is a preview of the art being sold. There are 150 artists with 300 pieces of art on display. Come on out & join us on Friday, September 27th from 5-8pm. You just may go home with a lovely piece of art & at the same time be supporting the arts & learning. Every piece is $200.00, half of the sale goes to the Arts are Elementary & the other half goes to the artist.  Feel free to go to the 10 x 10 Brunswick web page for more info!!

"A View from Campobello Island" - Day 3 of 30 Day Challenge

This Original soft pastel was inspired by a photo I took while vacationing in Machiasport, ME. with my best friend. We took a day trip to the Roosevelt Home on Campobello Island and did a little hiking. I loved this single little fir tree standing alone. It was alone but looked so happy & content against the clear blue sky and vivid greenery. I was tempted to name it after me.

I hadn't used soft pastels in years and this was the perfect little tree to get me back in the groove of them. 

Make it a great day & Cheers!!!  Thank you for stopping by!

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Monday, September 2, 2013

"Milkmaids Morning Mojo" - Day 2 of 30 Day Painting Challenge

I LOVE my morning cup of coffee just like my good friend Jenni. Jenni is the "Milkmaid" and her business provides lots of milk so we can have our morning mojo's! Her personal photo inspired me to paint this little piece. This is her moment before a busy day on the farm. Thanks Jenni! Gorgeous view of the working land that keeps food on the table. It's the little things we need to stop & appreciate. Breathe.....

This is an Original watercolor on 300lbHP Kilimanjaro paper. Painted area is 6 7/8" x 4 7/8". Paper size is 8 1/4" x 6 1/4". 

This was a gift - NFS.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

"A View from Hermit Island, ME." ~ Day 1 of 30 Day Painting Challenge

Gorgeous day ocean side with stunning views! My interpretation of overcast sky & just one of the islands near Hermit Island, ME. Nothing like painting Plein Air.
Feel free to leave comments & I hope you enjoy my journey for the next 30 Days! 
My intent is to paint places & things makes me happy & smile! Cheers!

Maine Coast Painting

There is nothing like planting myself next to the ocean with my watercolors, paints & brushes. Losing myself in the beauty for the afternoon & being inspired. What a way to get the creativity juices flowing for the 30 Day Painting Challenge!