Monday, September 9, 2013

"MY GIRL" - Day 10 of 30 Day Challenge

I can't wait and maybe it's because I know I could sleep a wee bit later than normal in the morning.  This little watercolor is of MY GIRL Barli. She is my KID! The story about Barli is.... I lost my first GSP to surgery to remove a brain tumor, at the time she was my light! I miss her dearly. Dropped her off in what was to be a high percentage of success surgery and it was not. Never got to see her face again. :( I found out a breeder may have a possible litter coming so I sent him a check for deposit (not knowing him at all) and a letter that I wanted an all Liver colored, Female GSP (German Shorthair Pointer). He received my check, not knowing if his "bitch" was actually pregnant, he called me & said I would get pick of the litter. Low and behold, only 1 all Liver female was born only a few minutes before my other GSP Niki's birthday! I truly believe my Niki sent my Barli! She has been my rock and my grounding through thick and thin! Barli is now "MY GIRL". As I write this, I cry. I would not trade her for the world! Her two favorite things to to do: Play ball & get the Squirrel (hence yesterday's inspiration) oh & a third would be cuddling with her mom in the morning! Love my Barli girl!

This Watercolor is not for sale..... it's personal :)

Much love, make it a great day! Cheers!

Reference Photo: I didn't add all the grass, etc. but all I need is Barli :)

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