Sunday, September 15, 2013

"MINE MINE MINE" - Day 15 of 30 Day Challenge

So I go back to the Beach and those scavengers that like to steal everyone's food! I almost put a bag of Doritos or something in their mouths but I opted for a colorful Blue Swimmer Crab instead. Seagulls are so interesting to watch. They are an important part of our ecosystem, pretty good a cleaning up the trash people leave behind too!  I thought of painting this and it brought me back to the Finding Nemo movie - The only part I can remember is when all the Seagulls are saying "Mine...mine...Mine...mine......" Hence the title of this. This painting was fun to paint....Love that I have an imagination and don't always need a reference photo! My favorite Seagull of the 3 is the top left, he looks like he's looking at me.

Watercolor painted on 300lbCP Kilimanjaro paper. Paper size 15" x 15", Image area: 13" x 13"

Make it a great day!! Cheers!

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