Sunday, September 22, 2013

"KATAHDIN" Baxter State Park, Maine : Day 23 of 30 Day Challenge

"KATAHDIN" The adventure of climbing Katahdin was on my bucket list and in October of 2011 it got crossed off! This was the most challenging & rewarding things I have ever done. 11 hours of hiking in one day. I would not trade one minute of it for anything! The overwhelming soreness for a week was well worth it! Not only did I go to the top and back down, I did it with the best group of friends: Jess (my sister), Wendy, Diane, Renee & Carrie. GIRLS RULE!!! After I was done, I said "I don't feel the need to ever to that again (because of the pain)" but now I WANT to do it again. We had the most perfect weather and the views are spectacular! Next time, it's a two day trip! This is a painting as a reminder to me how grand the mountain is. Maine...the way life should be! I will probably keep tweaking this painting but for the moment it will stay this way.  If you get a chance while visiting Maine to experience this beautiful place, you won't regret it!
                          These are a few pictures from the day of our hike. Absolutely beautiful!
                                                            YES! I made it to the top!
                                       The girls, not far from Chimney Pond at a view point
                                                              Almost to the top, Gorgeous views!

                                                        Chimney Pond, on our way up!

Make it a great day! Cheers! Thank you for visiting my blog & reading my story about my Katahdin experience!

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