Monday, September 30, 2013

"BRIGHT EYES" - Day 30 of the 30 Day Challenge

Meet BRIGHT EYES! I had the opportunity to tour an Alpaca Farm in Unity, ME. called Northern Solstice Alpaca Farm and this cute female Alpaca was so curious. Most of the others were being very shy but this one kept looking at me. I snapped a picture that I absolutely adore! Love the long eyelashes and her expression - hence the name Bright Eyes.I spent a couple of hours touring their facility and learned a lot about Alpaca's that I did not know and also left wanting an Alpaca Farm!

 I hope you all enjoyed this 30 Day Painting Journey as much as I did. I am going to continue to paint and create but most likely not quite everyday! It has been so nice getting to know other artists and their styles by checking out their blogs and their art. 

12" x 16" paper, White border around the main image that is 10" x 14", Watercolor painted on 300lbCP Kilimanjaro paper

Make everyday a great day! Cheers!
                 This is the reference photo I took to use to paint from - Just look at that face!

                            Thank you for your support and interest in my passion, my art!

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