Thursday, January 23, 2014

"ROSE 1" -Day 23 of 30

Every Rose has it's thorn except this one... The thorn is in my side saying "what are you going to paint?". My problem is I have a trouble not doing paintings with lots of detail.  I have to throw in a quick painting ...this 30 Day Challenge is not a stressful as the first time I participated but oh my...I can see how fellow artists have a "block" ..the pressure at times is overwhelming (especially when a full time job other than art is involved) & my personality won't let me skip a day - even though I know it's ok to do so. It is however winding down, I made it this far & will continue & finish. This is my Rose, one of my favorite flowers (I think I say that with every flower).  Painted on 300lb Watercolor paper. Image area 3" x 4" (approx) can fit a 5" x 7" mat.

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