Monday, January 20, 2014


Monhegan Island Lighthouse is a must visit if you can when you come to Maine. Lots of artists visit the island and capture the beautiful,serene surroundings. You can round any path or corner and see an artist with an easel. I will return soon with my paints and easel!

My personal connection to the Island is that my GREAT, GREAT Grandfather Edward Farren was the Assistant Fog Signal Keeper for Manana (the island right next to Monhegan) Station from September 1902 to March 1913. See reference photo with his name listed in the Lighthouse Museum. I visited the island in 2008 when these photos were taken and as soon as the "locals" found out I was a descendent they wanted as much info as they could get. Of course I didn't have any because I had just found out myself that he was a fog signaler. The weirdest coincidence was I had a relative that lived on the island for years and her memorial was just the day before I visited. The day after visiting the island I went to the beach by SMCC in Portland, Maine,  sat on the grass under a tree near the beach and a cardinal kept talking to me, looking at me and visiting the entire time. I snapped a photo. I found it strange. I came across her obituary and she had been relocated from Monhegan when she needed medical care to a Nursing Home within a couple of miles of SMCC.  They say cardinals are spirits. This was truly a rewarding and interesting weekend. (My relatives name escapes me because I let another relative borrow the information & they didn't return it - I just remembered I must get that back). 

I've been wanting to paint the photo I took and I finally attempted it. I'd like to do a larger version but for now it's a  6 3/4" x 5" watercolor. I decided to just start painting and not sketch it. It's a little "off" but it's the memory that means the most. To purchase click here: Arica's Art - ETSY SHOP

My reference photo I took in 2008....

 My GREAT, GREAT GRANDFATHERS name listed in the Museum.... Edward Farren
My cardinal friend at SMCC....

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