Thursday, January 23, 2014

"MOOMUSE #11934" - Day 24 of 30

So I think Cows are the cutest! I grew up on a mini farm and miss it. I totally respect our farmers that work so hard to put food on our tables. We often forget when we go to the grocery store that the carton in the refrigerator comes from a special place! Along with those bricks of cheese, containers of cottage cheese, cream cheese, yogurt,beef on & so forth! I got the inspiration for this painting from my friend Jenni. This is the link to her farm on Facebook  Flood Brothers Farm, Clinton Maine 

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This is an acrylic painting on a 9" x 12" canvas painted by me...& it was so much fun! Loose & free style with lots of heavy body acrylic paint. I only used black & white.

And this was my fun reference photo courtesy of FLOOD FARMS   her # is 11934. They have over 3,900 dairy cows! That's a WOW!

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