Thursday, January 30, 2014

Arica's Art Adventure - Day 30 of 30

My final painting for this 30 Day Challenge is the painting I had the pleasure of teaching to a group of 10 ladies! I took them on Arica's Art  Adventure ~ A Colorful Journey! It's a NO EXPERIENCE required class of painting, eating & sipping on a favorite beverage! The rule is you must be positive & just go with it! I love having those that have never painted before create a masterpiece! It makes my heart smile to see the smiles at the end of the lesson because they are super proud of themselves! Here are a few photos from last night! We use acrylic paint for purposes of drying and ease of beginners covering up something if they don't like it. 

This was the sample I used to teach.

This was in progress showing them how to paint the flowers - Loosely!

A few pictures of students & their work in progress & their drinks :)

And voila....after a couple of hours we have masterpieces!!!

THANK YOU ladies for joining me! I love being your teacher! Cheers until the next class!!

I also offer in home paint parties! Lots of fun! Message me at for more information or through my Facebook page: Arica's Art

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